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Our Speech Therapists will provide adults assessment and treatment of their speech, language and swallowing problems which may be related to stroke, neurological disorders, head injury, surgery, congenital disability and or ageing. Treatment may be offered in individual or group sessions.

Speech Therapist can assist with:

  • Difficulty with speech clarity, finding the right words to say, difficulty expressing needs or ideas
  • Difficulty understanding/processing other’s speech
  • Difficulty with reading and writing
  • Difficulty with thinking, memory, social skills as they relate to using language
  • Difficulty with swallowing food or liquid, choking or coughing during mealtimes
  • Carers needs for information/advice

Children's Speech Therapy

Our skilled and experienced Paediatric Speech Therapists will work with your child and you to improve their communications skills. We offer quality support services for everyone and are experienced in working with children with Autism and developmental delays.

Paediatric Speech Therapists assist children with:

  • Speech sounds
  • Understanding and talking, including difficulties answering questions or following instructions
  • Literacy concerns including reading
  • Social skills for groups and individuals
  • Alternative communication systems
  • Speech and communication after a stroke or acquired brain injury
  • Eating concerns including swallowing food and drink
Children's Speech Therapy


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