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You may find that you have difficulties with some everyday activities such as showering, dressing, toileting, managing household jobs or going places due to disability, illness, disease, an ongoing health condition or after a fall, injury, or accident. An Occupational Therapist will discuss your needs with you and recommend strategies that will help you to be as independent, as safe, and as capable and pain-free as possible.

Our professional and experienced Occupational Therapists can assist with -

  • Supporting performing day to day activities safely and efficiently
  • Prescriptions for equipment and/or modifications around the home, to help maintain independence
  • Assistance in accessing programs and funding sources available, to suit your unique goals and needs
  • Access to our group programs and other services, for overall health and wellbeing support

Occupational Therapy for Children

Children need to grow, learn and play. Some children have difficulties in all or one of these areas and an Occupational Therapist can help them improve social and practical skills to develop and live a satisfying and meaningful life. This includes children with Autism or sensory needs.

Paediatric Occupational Therapists can help your child if they are having trouble with:

  • Self-care e.g. dressing, eating
  • Fine motor skills e.g. cutting, drawing
  • Gross motor skills e.g. “whole body” movements, jumping, balance, kicking a ball
  • Play skills
  • Organisation and motor planning skills
    School skills e.g. handwriting, concentrating, mixing with other children or sensory processing skills
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