Moving in your best way

We know that activating the body and moving well is a key factor in improving overall health and wellbeing, which is why we have created various Move Well programs to empower you through movement.

The services provide an option for all people of all capabilities and include the following groups:

Integrated Falls Assessment Service (IFAS)

Did you know that roughly one in three people over the age of 65, have at least one fall a year?

Integrated Falls Assessment Service (IFAS) helps people reduce their chances of fall related injury.

IFAS takes a holistic focus on each individuals overall health and wellbeing. As a result, the service supports older adults in avoiding injury and empowers them to maintain their independence. Led by a Geriatrician, a falls assessment plan may include Physiotherapy and/or Occupational Therapy depending on the individuals needs and goals. Further support and referral is also offered, to help people address their full health and wellbeing needs.

Our Integrated Falls Assessment Service designed to help older adults:

  • Maintain independence
  • Keep moving
  • Avoid the risk of falls related injury
  • Receive holistic treatment for their overall health and wellbeing

The program is led by a Geriatrician, who provides a falls management plan in consultation with other services. The program requires a GP referral and the GP is updated on their patient’s progress.

Depending on each individual’s needs, they may also be connected with:

  • A Physiotherapist
  • An Occupational Therapist
  • Falls Prevention group program
  • Community Nurse Service
  • Dietician Service
  • Our other groups & programs

Do I need a referral to attend this program?
IFAS requires participants to provide a referral from their GP. This referral will be based on a GP assessment, as to whether their client is at risk of having falls. Our Geriatrician will then share any outcomes from IFAS, back to the clients GP.

What location is this program available at?
This program is delivered at our Box Hill location at 43 Carrington Rd, Box Hill.

How much does this program cost?
Medicare card holders with a General Practitioner (GP) referral may be eligible for a full rebate for this service. Additional Services may require fee’s to be reviewed during the assessment stages of the service.

What is a Geriatrician?
A Geriatrician is a medical doctor who specialises in the holistic care of older adults. During an initial IFAS appointment, our Geriatrician will conduct an assessment to talk about your health overall, your medical history and risk of falls.

How do I register my interest to IFAS?
Once we have received your GP referral, you will be contacted by our team and placed on our priority waiting list.

Two senior people walking along a walking path in a park, walking away from the camera

Strong People Stay Young

Be your strongest self

This is a strength training program designed to increase people’s muscle strength. It is focused on the model developed by Dr Miriam Nelson for the prevention of osteoporosis, diabetes and improving your general health and wellbeing. The group is supervised by volunteers who have been trained by Physiotherapists.

When is the group held?
Our Strong People Stay Young groups runs from two locations.

  • Tuesdays and Fridays from 9.30am to 10.30am at Hurstbridge Community Hub, 50 Graysharps Road, Hurstbridge
  • Tuesdays and Fridays, 9.30am to 10.30am and 10.30am to 11.30am at Lower Plenty Senior Citizens Club, 86 Main Rd, Lower Plenty.
A senior lady pulling a weight pully machine a gym while smiling at the camera

Upright for Life

Falls prevention

Changes in your balance, falls and nearly falling, are often warning signs that something is not right. Be informed with recent research and learn to identify your individual risk factors and decrease your risk of falls at home.

When is the group held?
The Upright for Life group runs twice a year over six weeks.

A senior couple walking hand in hand along a walking path outdoors smiling at the camera

Moving Together

Build confidence to move again

Moving Together helps people to build their balance and strength, while remaining seated in a chair. The program supports people who may not be suited for our other exercise programs, due to balance instability on their feet. The group is led by a Physiotherapist and all members will be provided an initial assessment before joining.

When is this group held?
Our Moving Together groups runs on Wednesdays and Fridays at 11.00am from our Box Hill location – 43 Carrington Rd, Box Hill.

A senior man working out on an exercise weight pully piece of equipment in a gym

Ai Chi

Movement in water

Ai Chi is exercising in water in a relaxed and supported way by using flowing, graceful and soft movements. Ai Chi is conducted in shoulder deep, warm water with a pool temperature of approximately 32°C. Exercising in water is beneficial as it builds strength and flexibility while being low impact on your joints resulting in a minimal risk of injury.

Ai Chi may be beneficial in treating many conditions including –

  • Acute and chronic pain
  • Back pain
  • Balance problems
  • Chronic conditions such as Arthritis and Fibromyalgia
  • Assisting emotional and mental health, stress, emotional and mental health issues
  • Orthopedic and neurological conditions

When is the group held?
Our Ai Chi group is held Mondays, 12pm – 12.30pm, Wednesdays 1.00pm – 1.30pm and Fridays 11.45am – 12.15pm at Eltham Leisure Centre.

A group water exercise class, photo taken from under water

Tai Chi

Improve your balance

Tai Chi is an ancient gentle Chinese exercise form that is practiced around the world. It involves slow, controlled movements to improve flexibility, muscle strength, balance and fitness. Led by a qualified Tai Chi instructor, our Tai Chi program focuses on balance, weight transfer and relaxation. All clients are assessed by a Physiotherapist before commencing the program.

Designed by renowned Doctor Paul Lam from the Tai Chi for Health Institute and recommended by the Arthritis Foundation of Victoria.

Benefits of Tai Chi include-

  • Improve your balance and co-ordination
  • Improve mobility and flexibility
  • Promote relaxation
  • Promote feeling of wellbeing
  • Reduce joint stiffness and pain

When is the group held?
Our Tai Chi group is run on Thursdays at 3.00pm at our Box Hill location – 43 Carrington Rd, Box Hill.

A group of individuals practicing Tai Chi

Walking Group

Hit the pavement

The Walking Groups provide walking activities for people interested in implementing physical activity into their weekly routine. The group caters to walkers of all paces and focuses on supporting slower and/or less confident walkers. More confident walkers can walk ahead unsupervised with the support of other fit, regular walkers. Each group walks for one hour. Participants are asked to wear suitable shoes and to bring their own water bottle and hat/raincoat (weather permitting).

Regular walking can improve your health in a number of ways, including:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Improving your sleep
  • Preventing or managing various conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes
  • Strengthening your bones and muscles
  • Improving your mood
  • Improving your balance and coordination

When is this group held?
Participants meet promptly behind the healthAbility building every Monday at 9.00am.

Box Hill
Participants meet in the foyer of Aqualink Box Hill and the walk takes place around Surrey Park every Thursday at 9.30am.

A group of people walking shot from waist height viewing their legs and shoes

Water Exercise for Health

Water Exercise for Health is a social and fun water exercise program, run by volunteers with support from physiotherapists. This group is suitable for older people with arthritis and for those who would benefit from exercise in the water.

Pool temperature is approximately 28°C.

When is the group held?

  • Mondays 12pm – 12.30pm
  • Wednesdays 1pm – 1.30pm
  • Fridays 11.45am – 12.15pm
A senior lady in a pool with a therapist assisting her to use a foam floating device


The benefits of water

Hydrotherapy is a form of physical therapy treatment conducted in a heated swimming pool and tailored to individual needs. Supervised by Physiotherapists with special training, people perform individually tailored exercises to help them regain or enhance their physical wellbeing. Movement in water is easier than on land and there is minimum risk of injury. The effects of turbulence and buoyancy, combined with warm water, can help reduce pain and muscle spasms. Non-swimmers can participate in our supported hydrotherapy program.

Hydrotherapy benefits include:

  • Strengthen weak muscles
  • Support painful joints
  • Relieve pain
  • Improve general fitness
  • Improve balance and co-ordination

When is this group held?
Hydrotherapy is run weekly at Aqualink in Box Hill.

A senior women in bathers in a swimming pool smiling at the camera


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